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Given Mary Cummins propensity for being a legend in her own mind combined with her ability to find monumental significance in even the most meager of her own accomplishments (such as being "proficient in iPhone" and having a "perfect driving record"), we thought, in all fairness, we should elaborate. On Mary Cummins' CV, she has written the following about herself, in her typical grandiose fashion:

"In 2002 she formed the non-profit animal rescue group “Animal Advocates.” At the same time she became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator specializing in small mammals including but not limited to coyotes, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and bats."   

ANIMAL ADVOCATES WAS SUSPENDED IN 2002 - THE SAME EXACT YEAR  (yet she continues to take in donations? Hmmmm).

"• 1984 University of Southern California Dean's list, swim team, scholarship"
Mary Cummins neglects to mention that she FAILED to graduate. It is Interesting that Cummins studied psychology for the short time she attended college
since she seems to have so many problems with the truth.

"• 1982 Emergency Medical Technician"
Mary Cummins was born in December 1965 which means she wants the world to believe that while she was in high school, at the age of 16, she became an EMT.  You know, the people who ride in ambulances and save lives.

"• 2005 LA Animal Services, Mitigating animal related injuries in the shelter environment"
Later sued the City of LA netting herself a $130,000, settlement, alleging sexual harassment after she was dumped by her then boyfriend, who was director of LA Animal Services. 

"• 2010 Desert Studies Center, Southwestern bats, research techniques, Dr. Patricia
Brown-Berry, 42 years experience with bats"

Mary Cummins stated in court (where she often found herself after being sued for defamation by Amanda Lollar, President of Bat World Sanctuary) that she trained with Dr. Patricia Brown-Berry, who has 42 years experience with bats "a true bat expert."  Dr. Brown-Berry wrote the foreword for one of Amanda Lollar’s books.

"• 2001 LA City gun permit"

By 2012 Mary Cummins was making veiled gun threats against people on the Internet and in 2013 stated on her Facebook page that she almost shot her gardener.

"• 2003 CA Department of Fish and Game individual wildlife rehabilitation permit"
And Mary Cummins was REPRIMANDED by CA Department of Fish and Game
for allegedly abusing a squirrrel with no eyeballs,among other violations.

"• 2003 CA Department of Fish and Game educational animals permit"
And again, Mary Cummins was
REPRIMANDED by CA Department of Fish and Game for posting online a photo of a fox squirrel being choked, hiding a bobcat kitten, and other violations. 
"• 2003 USDA exhibitor's permit"
2003-2005 She had a USDA permit, and then it was CANCELLED. She decided to reapply "for the hell of it."

2004 CA Department of Fish and Game trapping permit"

Say what?! This does not sound good, especially when you see this page.

"• 2003 Certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles

A position from which she was FIRED, for rudeness, inappropriate language and behavior.
In addition to apparently not being willing to donate 8 hours per MONTH, despite the fact she signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City agreeing to do just that.  You will also read where she did not play nicely with her co-workers either.  There are serious doubts that she received a certificate of appreciation.

"• 2001- Present Wildlife rehabilitation. Rescued over 5,000 wild animals with a release rate over 90%"
Yet Mary Cummins claims that AA only brings in $200 a year in donations. Perhaps this is why Mary Cummins feeds the animals rotten meat?

"• 2001- 2006 LA Animal Services, animal shelter volunteer
"• 2006 Redid the LA Animal Services website, added "Adopt a Pet" feature"
"• 2006 Assistant to Director of Found Animals Foundation"

The Found Animal Foundation FIRED Mary Cummins from her volunteer position because they were "dissatisfied with the quality of her work."

"• 2010 International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals, Madrid, Spain, sponsored by Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) and the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV)"
Mary Cummins attended this conference with her favorite sidekick Jenny Conrad, DVM whom she claims, “paid for everything except my airfare.” It was a conference for veterinarians; she was apparently just a tag-along girlfriend.

Before tangling with and losing to Bat World Sanctuary she referred to her non-profit as “an animal rescue group.” Then suddenly, as if by immaculate realization, she decided she should list herself as a ‘sanctuary’ despite the fact nothing had changed; she was still operating out of her living room in her 700 sq ft, unpermitted, rented shack (as she referenced it in court) with a few cages out back.   But because Bat World is a sanctuary, she immediately thought she should advertise Animal Advocates, her suspended non-profit, as a sanctuary.  NOTE:  In court testimony Mary said Animal Advocates has donations of $200 a year yet she pays $2,000 a month in rent. I bet the IRS would be interested in those calculations.

She claims she did not complete her education, despite the fact that she had a scholarship, because she was “making too much money in the real estate business”.  She also stated she has been a successful self employed realtor/appraiser for over 28 years with celebrity clients, having the ability to retire twice before reaching the age of 47.  Yet she claimed in state and federal court that, “I qualify for it (government assistance), I’ve applied for it.” That testimony is from an Indigency Hearing in the state of Texas.  Hmmmm, not your average success story yet Mary posts on Google, “Cummins Real Estate Services has been selected for the 2013 Los Angeles Award in the Real Estate category by the Los Angeles Award Program”.  Tsk-tsk, Mary, you forgot to mention you must BUY this award.   NOTE:  According to the program, “Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.”  How is this possible since Mary stated in a California deposition that she had “zero” income for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.  In yet another deposition she claims she has a net worth of less than zero in 2011, 2012 and she filed for indigency in 2012 which she confirms she is still indigent in 2013.  So how does one not have income for 6 years, yet she is a top real estate firm while she is indigent??????? Seems Mary has a problem with the truth.  She obviously had the money to buy the award.

Well, there you have it.  We did not take apart each and every item in her CV and Abstract but one can assume that anyone who writes that they have a perfect driving record and they are proficient in iPhone skills doesn't have a lot of real accomplishments to brag about.  Consequently, we just did a summary. As  you can see, The Truth About Mary is a not pretty picture.


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